The SPLASHWORKS team is committed to ensuring that your product is of the highest quality in materials and craftsmanship.

Gallery Wrap Quality Attributes

Tight Stretch

Our gallery wraps are stretched tightly over the stretcher bars to maintain a flat, unaltered image. On wraps that are not tightly stretched, waves or bumpy areas can be seen and felt around the edges.

Hand Stretched

Hand stretched frames are the best option because this reduces the possibility of over-stretching. Machines may over stretch the fabric causing rips or breaks in the yarn. A hand stretched frame enables our craftsmen to align the image correctly with the edge of the frame.


Clean and even stapling is important to ensure an even stretch and a long lasting hold. Incorrect stapling can lead to a loss in tightness and may cause sagging, waving or rippling over time. It also makes the product better able to withstand changes in environmental conditions like humidity. SPLASHWORKS Gallery Wraps have a minimum of 1 staple per inch all the way around the frame.

Edge Folds

A clean edge fold is a signature trademark of a high quality gallery wrap. Clean edge folds show that the product is hand stretched, without the risk that extra pieces of material are sticking out the side or causing unsightly lumps.

Solid wood

Stretcher bars are the backbone of the product. Solid wood stretcher bars provide an excellent base for stretching and keep the frame from bowing or bending. We use solid poplar stretcher bars which have the added advantage of being low in acidity which avoids tainting the fabric and image.


Our special stretcher bar profile allows for minimal contact with the imaged plane of the gallery wrap. This mitigates the probability of wear lines developing over time.

Hanging straps

The hanging strap is made from high tensile aircraft cable secured with an s-loop attachment method to ensure that it will not loosen or risk stretching and sagging.


Our environmentally friendly inks have zero volatile organic compounds. Additionally, with 100% UV stability, the inks will not fade significantly over time even when exposed to sunlight.

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